Trailer: This Unwieldy Object

Lizzie Homersham



Adam Thirlwell, Daniel Kehlman, Jack Halberstam and Ed Atkins are still to take to the stage but it's almost the end of Saturday's Marathon programme.

The live stream continues from 10pm for the online premiere of Anna Zett's film This Unwieldy Object.

Dinosaurs linger behind the horizon of colonial capitalism, waiting to be appropriated for profit or mythology. Against the backdrop of an unresolved disruption called the End of History, the artist as scientist as protagonist performs an inquiry into the contradictions of progress. Dig sites become crime scenes and fossils turn into characters, determined to play a main part in the fantastic history of the US-American West.

Watch the trailer here:

This Unwieldy Object (Trailer) from Anna Zett on Vimeo.

Anna Zett will also speak at the Serpentine tomorrow, presenting her silent video essay DINOSAUR.GIF.